Thursday, May 27, 2010

Slavery Rights equal Unborn Rights--or Lack thereof

Yesterday, while listening to St. Gabriel Radio 1580 AM. I heard the most appropriate comparison. (Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the guest, but it should be posted on Al Kresta's blogspot later today.)

The guest spoke about how slaves had no rights what-so-ever. If we were to ask most people today, they would be horrified at the idea of slavery. The slaves were called chattel. Chattel as defined by Webster's Dictionary is a movable item of personal property, as a piece of furniture, an automobile, or a head of livestock. These things are not attributed any rights, just as slaves were not. They could be bought, sold, or even killed at the owner's "discretion."

Tragically, the same is true for unborn babies. They can be killed at the "owner's discretion." Unborn babies do not even have the most basic Right to Life. An unborn baby can be killed by parital birth abortion even when the baby's body is delivered outside of the womb. While the head of the baby remains in the mother's body, a doctor (who has sworn the Hippocratic Oath--at this point is a hypocritic oath) punctures the base of the skull of the baby and sucks out his or her brains to kill him or her.

The sad irony of this comparison is that abortion is the #1 KILLER of African-Americans. For every 1 black baby born 1 is aborted. You can learn more about this at


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  2. This is a sad statement about our society of death. Here is another alarming fact. 6 million Jews died in the holocaust, one of the worst tragedies in history. 50 million babies have died by abortion in the US since Roe Vs Wade. And we thought Hitler was a monster.