Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mary, Queen of Heaven--Really?

Yes, Really. And Absolutely Positively. How? You say. It all started back in the time of King Solomon, the third king of Israel (IKings 2:19). He had over 700 wives and concubines. So who of his many wives was to be the queen? The queen was the mother of the king, aka The Queen Mother. The queen was an adviser to the king, more importantly, she was an advocate of the people.*

Mary is the Queen Mother to the King of Kings, Jesus. She goes to Jesus with our prayers and requests. We pray (make a fervent request) to Mary asking her for the favors of her Son. Her Son is Jesus. Jesus is God. He wrote the 10 Commandments including the fourth one which commands us to honor our mother and father. How much more would a perfect son (Jesus) honor his mother's requests who is so close to his heart. Who by her faith said, "yes", so that He could come into the world and grant us His salvation.

Mary, the Queen Mother, has been given a special role by her Son, Jesus. He honors her, as should we. Mary's role is to draw us closer to her Son. A wonderful way to do this is to meditate on Jesus' life recorded in Sacred Scripture through the mysteries of the Rosary. Click here for an easy to follow guide on how to pray the rosary.

God Bless You and Remember to Pray the Rosary Daily.

*paraphrased from Scott Hahn Hail, Holy Queen, The Mother of God in the Word of God --an excellent book--you will fall inlove with Mary for the 1st time or all over again and see how she always draws us closer to her Son.


  1. Like Fr Corapi says--if she's good enough for Jesus, she's good enough for me! Hail, Holy Queen! J (HeartFelt Rosaries)

  2. I love new books, and I will definitely need to check this one out. =)